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Choose A Custom Food Bag To Pay Attention To Points

Choose a Custom Food Bag to pay attention to points
1, Custom Food Bags outside the packaging to have Chinese logo, marked factory name, site, product name, and clearly marked "food" words. Products are shipped with product inspection certificate.
2, Custom Food Bags factory is no smell, no smell, a special smell of Custom Food Bags bags, can not be used for food packaging.
3, the color of the composite bag can not be used for food packaging.
4, try to use without coating, coating materials. Modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistance, extensive use of the material with the coating. This is not only to the product after the scrapped material recovery, re-use has brought difficulties, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these packaged food, people will have a great harm to the body. Another coating, plating process to the environment has brought great pollution. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, plating and other heavy metals containing chromium and other waste, waste pollution.
5, the purchase of food, the best choice of green packaging materials, select the original paper packaging is appropriate or biodegradable Custom Food Bags.
Recently, the Custom Food Bags on the human body caused harm to the news of the noise straight, following the melamine tableware, Custom Food Bag products safety and then lift the waves. US researchers have found that certain types of phthalates contained in Custom Food Bag products may inhibit the effects of hormones in male fetuses, resulting in feminization of boys. And more and more science shows that some of the chemicals in the Custom Food Bags are chronic, and long-term exposure not only makes today's people suffer, but may also affect future generations. This is undoubtedly since the advent of modern life has been widely used, welcomed by the people and the benefit of human Custom Food Bag products branded a dangerous secret mind. As a blister packaging Watson Long are mostly Custom Food Bags as raw materials, for how to be responsible for the health of consumers is to spend effort.
The Custom Food Bag is a polymer material made of macromolecular polymer resin as the basic ingredient and then adding some kinds of additives to improve its performance. Custom Food Bag products in the manufacturing process to add the stabilizer, plasticizer, coloring agent and other additives exceeded the standard with a certain degree of toxicity. Custom Food Bag PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyester), because the process of using less additives, the resin itself is relatively stable, their safety is very high of. In fact, safe and reliable Custom Food Bag products, the human body is basically harmless. Experts also remind consumers to buy food with Custom Food Bag products, if there is no QS logo absolutely can not buy, these products are not quality verification is likely to bring health problems to consumers.
It is common practice to pack food with a Custom Food Bag, but people often ignore the fact that some Custom Food Bags are poisonous to the human body and pick up a Custom Food Bag for loading food.
PVC Custom Food Bags are toxic varieties; PVC resin is non-toxic, but in the process of making Custom Food Bags by adding plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate or dioctyl phthalate, they Toxicity. In addition, some Custom Food Bag products to join the stabilizer, and these added stabilizer is mainly lead stearate, but also toxic, this lead salt is easy to precipitate, once into the human body will cause accumulation of lead poisoning, so When you install food with a special food bag, must not be used, in the use of the following points should be noted:
1. PVC products and ethanol ether and other solvents will lead to lead, so the use of polyvinyl chloride Custom Food Bag products containing alcohol-like food is very appropriate.
2. Polyvinyl chloride in case of oil when the lead will be dissolved into food, so it is not suitable for packaging oil-containing food.
3. PVC Custom Food Bags use temperature higher than 50 ℃ when there will be HC precipitation slowly, this gas is harmful to human health.
4. Waste Custom Food Bags recycling products, due to complex sources of raw materials inevitably with toxic ingredients, nor for food packaging.
People are the daily use of packaged food is no additive polyethylene, polypropylene Custom Food Bag products, with them for food bags can be reassuring.