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Bag manufacturers talking about the packaging industry developments

To social phenomena, consumer lifestyle, as well as pop and other factors continue to package which, to meet consumer desire to live a better life, it requires practitioners continue to produce new packaging design of commodity packing bags. And as the packaging industry continues to develop, more and more people focus on the role of packaging in marketing, packaging resulting on the tall.

At present, China's packaging constraints are not strong, many consumers prefer luxury, expensive luxury products, leading enterprises in the packaging effort, to the presence of excessive packaging provides a soil. In addition, some also believe that good packaging can establish a product image to a certain extent, make greater profit margins. Some companies, high-end gift market is still there, but not enough to support the long-term development of the enterprises. With the development of online shopping, some enterprises have adopted e-commerce to expand sales channels, from the perspective of product innovation, improve service levels, lead the correct consumption trends, began to sell a simple packaging and humanized design of product markets and assimilate.

Now of packaging industry also exists with many not reasonable of place, from products structure view, simple, and original of products more, processing and fine processing of products less, General of packaging products by accounted for share larger, function sex of packaging products development enough, heavy plastic packaging products, and light plastic packaging material, heavy equipment, and light technology, heavy production, and light development, products replacement slow, led to plastic packaging products structure not reasonable, cannot completely adapted market of needs changes. From the enterprise structure, plastic packaging General small scale, low industrial concentration.

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